The Hope of the Gospel

There are many things in the natural that we can have hope in. When we find ourselves in any unfavorable situation or circumstance, our attitude should always be one of hope. Hope that the ways things are, no matter how difficult, will not always be! The Bible definition of hope is, "the confident expectation of … Continue reading The Hope of the Gospel

Flesh vs Spirit

Years ago, the Christian Rock band Petra, did a song with a line that said, “the enemies on every side, but still no match for the crucified!” That’s what I want to encourage you about today! Though the enemy is on every side, he’s still no match for the crucified! Whatever you may be dealing … Continue reading Flesh vs Spirit

What Kind of Ground Are You?

The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 4:4, that Satan is at work blinding the minds of people so that they can’t or don’t believe! In Mark. 4, Jesus tells the familiar “parable of the sower”, in which He talks about different types of ground. The first ground mentioned is “roadside ground” (wayside). Then in verse … Continue reading What Kind of Ground Are You?